I always have an assortment of knives available.

Please call me at 406.285.6556 or email at pogrebas@gmail.com for current inventory.

The following photos are some available as of April 2022, I don't always have all of these available but they are representative of what I make.

Shipping for any of these is right around $10.

Damascus Belt Knife

Nickel Damascus veneer with tool steel Damascus cutting edge. Rosewood burl handle.  Some have Mokume guard.  

Damascas Belt Knife with rosewood handles. Forth from the left has mokume handguard. 
Damascas belt knife with sheath.
Damascas belt knife with sheath.
Damascus belt knives and knife blanks.
Musk Ox handle with hand forged mokume guard. 
Damascus belt knifes, Musk Ox and Rosewood handles.
Damascus Close up.

Damascus Kitchen Knives

Forty layer tool steel Damascus blade with Cocobolo (Mexican Rosewood) handle.  Tool steel Damascus with nickel Damascus veneer and rosewood handle.

Damascus Kitchen Knives
Damascus kitchen Knives.
Nickle damascus Kitchen Knives with rosewood handles.
Damascus kitchen knives.

Ring Knives

Tool steel Damascus with nickel veneer with rosewood burl handle.

Kitchen Knives

Tool steel kitchen knives with cocobolo handle.  

Damascus Forging

One way of fixing a handle on a knife.